"Transfer.ly helps entrepreneurs and their advisors quickly and easily close crowd-funding transactions."

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Three reasons to work with Transfer.ly
We Close Deals
While everyone else has been talking about technology, APIs, and transaction engines, we’ve been helping our clients close their deals.
This isn't Our First Barbecue
The Transfer.ly team has been closing deals for more than 50 years. Public and Private. Reg D, A+, and S1s. We’ve been the banker and we’ve been the Entrepreneur.
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Dominick DalPizzol | Connect
Director of Platform Engagement
DJ brings over 20 years of wall street experience to the platform. When he's not busy assisting clients close deals, he can usually be found running his two sons to Wrestling and his daughter to Field Hockey.
Angie Goertz | Connect
Director of Marketing
A proud native Texan, Director of Marketing Angie Goertz shines big and bright like the stars at night in her role promoting Issuer Direct’s products and services.
Kris Bram | Connect
Graphic Designer
A Graphic Designer by day, scuba diver by night. With over 10 years in the design industry, Kris brings a fresh look and feel to the Transfer.ly team.

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