Invest in the Future of Fuel with Alliance Bio-Products, Inc.
Through our patented CTSTM (Cellulose to Sugar) conversion process, we are revolutionizing the production of fuel, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and agricultural and industrial products.
  • Biofuels produced for less than $1 per gallon (compared to competitors selling anywhere between $2.17 and $4.55)
  • Less expensive and intrusive than petroleum-based products
  • Equivalent to less than $18 per barrel of oil
  • The Company has entered into longterm agreements with the County to supply green waste from the adjacent landfill, free of charge.
  • Eliminates dependency on foreign oil and hostile influences
  • Environmentally safe: 100% CO2 neutral, no spills, no beach clean-up, no offshore drilling
  • 85% to 95% less green house gases than petroleum-based products
  • It is projected that the plant will generate significant profits and returns for its shareholders.
Alliance Bio-Products is pursuing its mission to create a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-based fuels and other products while eliminating reliance on harmful sources, both foreign and domestic. Your investment will provide general working capital to be used for the advancement of the business, including to fund the purchase and development of a new plant site, allowing the Company to increase production of core products for commercialization and sale.
The Offering
1,000,000 Preferred shares with 8% coupon: $10 per share ($ 5,000 min. investment)
  • Convertible into common shares
  • Coupon paid at end of 2 years then yearly
  • 100% of profits paid as dividends
Total Raise: $10,000,000
Investment in Alliance Bio-Products, Inc.
Authorized Shares: 13,000,000
Common: 10,000,000
Convertible Preferred: 3,000,000

Issued and Outstanding Alliance BioEnergy +, Inc.:
7,000,000 Common
Use of Proceeds
Acquisition of Property: $8,000,000
Plant Operations: $600,000
Engineering: $300,000
Working Capital: $300,000
Fees and Expenses: $800,000
An Innovative Process – Turning Green Waste into Bio-Fuel
Agricultural Waste
  • Non-Food Corn Stover (stalk, leaf, cob)
  • Non-Food Sugar Cane Bagasse (leftover from squeeze)
  • Leftover Fruit tops and peels
  • DDG kernel Fiber
Yard Waste
  • Residential Lawn Clippings
  • Commercial Landscape Remains
  • Palm Fronds, Tree Trimmings and Branches
  • Any grassy or woody material
Specialty Plants
  • Engineered biomass
  • Dedicated large yield grasses
  • Specially designed grasses and biomasses
The CTS process is the only known patented, dry mechanical process that can convert virtually any cellulose material into sugars and other products in a matter of minutes with no liquid acids, no applied heat, pressure or hazardous materials of any kind. The CTS sugars and other components are able to be used in the production of fine chemicals, bioplastics, and biofuels including ethanol, biodiesel and bio-aviation jet fuels, as well as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, industrial solvents, agricultural products and carbon fibers nanotubes.

The CTS process when used in the production of biofuel is clean, less expensive to build and operate than traditional ethanol/petroleum plants or other cellulosic ethanol technologies, and is completely environmentally friendly. Cellulosic ethanol emits 86% less greenhouse gas than regular gasoline and the CTS process does not produce any waste streams.
Industry Facts
  • In 2017 the congressional mandate for the production CELLULOSIC ETHANOL is 311M gallons.
  • The Industry will fall short by 100’s of millions of gallons, resulting in fines and penalties to refineries and blenders.
  • Renewable Fuel Standard II (RFS2) passed by congress and reaffirmed in November 2016 calls for the increase in ADVANCED BIOFUELS each year for the next decade.
  • Alliance Bio-Products is in the unique position to provide the shortfall in both CELLULOSIC ETHANOL and ADVANCED BIOFUELS for the foreseeable future.
About Alliance Bio-Products, Inc.
Alliance Bio-Products, Inc. was formed as a special purpose wholly-owned subsidiary of Alliance BioEnergy Plus, Inc. (“ALLM”) to purchase, own and operate the Ineos Bioethanol Plant in Vero Beach, Florida. As of the date of this Memorandum, the Company has not engaged in any fund raising or operations. The Company intends to sublicense certain technology from ALLM for use in the operations of the Vero Beach Bio- Ethanol plant and to install ALLM’s patented CTS process while increasing plant capacity.
The CTS process enjoys a family of patents centered around the main U.S. patent # 8,062,428. To date there are four (4) issued patents and fourteen (14) filed and pending patents held by the University of Central Florida and licensed to ALLM’s subsidiary under a long term, exclusive worldwide license agreement. The initial patent is secure through 2032. The family of patents extend the original date through improvements and enhancements to the original process. ALLM will continue file and register improvements and upgrades to the process, effectively extending the patent coverage indefinitely.
We Have the Support of
Key Industry and Governmental Agencies
What is a 506(c) offering?
506(c) allows companies to offer and sell securities to institutional or accredited investors. In comparison to traditional registered offerings, a 506(c) offering allows companies in earlier stages of development to raise money more cost-effectively.
What is the company offering?
The company is offering to the public the opportunity to purchase up to one million shares of 8% Convertible Preferred Stock.
How do I buy shares?
You can purchase shares through this offering page by clicking one of the “Invest Now” buttons above and completing the registration process. Your funds will be transferred to an escrow account, and will be held until that week’s closing, at which point you will be issued your shares.

You can also click “Get More Information” to be contacted directly by one of our investor relations professionals. But first, please read through this page to learn about us and our business, and please also review the Private Placement Memorandum, which includes investment risks. You can also view that document on the SEC’s website.
What should I do before purchasing shares?
You should read the risks, which are located in the Private Placement Memorandum available on this page, and the terms and conditions, which are also included in that document.
When do I actually get my shares?
Once you have completed the subscription agreement, you don’t need to do anything further to purchase and receive your shares. Once your funds pass through escrow and a weekly closing is completed, you will be issued your shares.
How much do shares cost?
Shares cost $10.00 each, and you can buy any number of shares you choose, with a preferred minimum of 500 shares ($5,000).
Do I have to be a U.S. citizen or live in the U.S. to reserve shares or invest?
While our registration statement is only filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, investors outside the U.S. may also be eligible to buy shares.
How and when can I sell my shares?
You will be able to sell your shares once the Company applies for the shares to be traded on a public market in the future. However, those applications have not yet been submitted and therefore we do not yet know which market, if any, will be available for purchases and sales of our shares.
How was the $10.00 share offering price calculated?
The valuation of the company was based on many factors, including historical performance and expectations for future sales and profitability. The valuation was not based on any set valuation criteria, and was not based on an independent, third party valuation.
How much capital is the company attempting to raise?
We have filed to raise up to $10,000,000 by selling up to 1,000,000 of our 8% Convertible Preferred Stock, to be used as set forth in the “Use of Proceeds” section of our Private Placement Memorandum.
Can anyone invest in Alliance Bio-Products, Inc.?
A 506(c) offering is open only to accredited investors. To confirm yourself as an accredited investor, please fill out the Accredited Investor Questionnaire by clicking the button on this page. If you click “Invest Now” you will be asked questions to help determine your maximum investment amount.
How do I pay for the stock?
When you click on the “Invest Now” button, you will be asked to choose either wire transfer or ACH and you’ll be asked to provide all the relevant information for each type of payment. Your form of payment will be charged immediately following the conclusion of the registration process.
I have another question—who can I talk to?
We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Please send us an email at, with your question or questions, and if you’d like, include your phone number. You can also call Steve Luna of LCG at (702) 790-2514 if you’d like to ask your question directly. In either case, we’ll get back to you right away.
Getting More Information
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If you have any questions about the offering or for additional resource information, please contact:
Steve Luna

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Investment Risks
Early stage companies are risky investments. Investors should consult with their financial and tax advisors before considering an investment.
Trading in Alliance BioEnergy Plus, Inc. Stock
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